Your Florida and Georgia Curl Artist

Hello and welcome to the Monarchy! My name is Arista Corral, and I want to personally congratulate you for taking the right steps and choosing Pursuit of Curls as a guide for your curly hair expedition. Whether you’ve been in the community for years, or you are just now stepping into your journey, I am more than happy to help!

My passion for curly and textured hair, paired with my extensive training and education, makes me the perfect candidate to becoming your personal Curl Artist. The health and well being of your curly hair is important to you, and I want it to be important to me too. I believe in growth of skill and education and I am working to find my spot to do my part in the natural hair community.

Curly hair is not as complicated as what most curly girls have been lead to believe. If you join the monarch community we will teach you how to nurture your curls. Information is found in the New Guest tab. I am excited to share this voyage with you as we take your hair to the next level! Are you ready to start? I know I am!

Arista – Master Stylist

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