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Thanks for visiting! I am excited to have you as a potential client (or returning client) and want to make things as simple for you as possible. When you take a look at our services, you will see that Pursuit of Curls is not like any other hairstylists that you have had services with in the past. I believe in cultivating the foundations of natural and curly haircare, starting with homecare and evolving to salon care. You as a client have control of how your hair is cared for, and proper maintenance at home is crucial with maintaining the health of your curls. As a Curl Specialist, my job is to see where you are in your curl journey and what steps you will need to take to move forward to the next level. Below I have the descriptions for the first-time services, recommendations for which one to choose, and other follow-up appointments to help you continue your journey and give you the opportunity to make the right decisions for your hair.

To make your appointment, please refer to the city in the Menu you would like to make the appointment for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a New Client Monarch Package include?

A New Client Monarch Package includes the following:

  • A reshape (trim or haircut)
  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Hard water treatment
  • Olaplex treatment (olaplex is a disulfied bond rebuilder, not quite a protein treatment)
  • Detailed suggestion on how to use shampoo properly
  • Detailed suggestion on how to use conditioner properly
  • Detailed instrustructions on how to use water soluable products to acheive a wash and define at home
  • Permission ot use your phone to record your service to use for when you style your hair at home.

What is the difference between the New Client Monarch Package and the One-on-one session?

The difference between the NCMP and a One-on-one session is that the NCMP comes with a reshape (trim or haircut) and the One-on-one session does not. Both services include a detailed step-by-step process of what the specialist is doing and how you can achieve similar results at home.

As a new client, will you let me book a Wash and Define service?

Absolutely! Wash and Define services are a great way to see what your hair is capable of doing. Hydrated curls have the ability to clump and stay defined for longer, we just have to make sure that your home-care routine is allowing enough water penetration. Please bear in mind, that Wash and Define services do not include instructions on how to properly use products at home. If you want to be able to ask more in-depth questions, you will need to book with a New Client Monarch Package or a One-on-one session.

As a returning client, how do I schedule for a wash and trim?

At Pursuit of Curls, we do not like to use the term trim or haircut. Both services require the same tools, skill level, and products to achieve bomb results, so they are classified as the same service. We call it a curl reshape. To make a follow-up you will need to look for the correlating week that matches when your last curl reshape was. The last curl reshape must be with a curl specialist at Morph Studio.

My last curl reshape was 5 months ago, but I got a different service 4 weeks ago. Can I schedule for a 3-6 Week Returning Monarch Package instead of the 15+ week Package since it has only been 4 weeks since the last time I got a service?

No. You must schedule a 15+ Week Monarch Package because that is the proper time frame since your last curl reshape.

Why do you charge by the week instead of having a solid price for everyone? Doesn’t that make it unfair to us who only need to get something done once a year?

There are a few things that need to be clarified about this statement. Curly girls should get their hair reshaped every 3-8 weeks to maintain a shape and 9-14 weeks to grow out a shape. Anything past 15 weeks requires more maintenance than someone who frequently gets their split ends trimmed. Think of it like getting your car maintenance, or trimming back a rose bush. The longer you go without maintaining your rose bush, the more you will have to trim off, change the soil, and other steps to make sure that the rose bush continues to live healthily. If you visit it more frequently to trim one week or add fertilizer another week, the less time you have to spend with the rose bush and it still stays healthy.

What if I wanted to skip the wash and just get a curl reshape? Will I have to pay full price?

Great question! If you are a returning client that 1. have your wash hour close to perfect, 2. does not have any damaged hair, or 3. have had your last reshape within 3 months, you could be qualified for an Express Cut Experience. Please show up with day 2 or 3 hair, that way we can get right into the haircut, and you will be on your way.

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