Become a Hair Model

I would like to thank all of my loyal clients, new and old, for the patience and trust you have given me. As many of you know, I have recently been added to the Cut it Kinky Directory from the @iamblackgirlcurls Instagram page, and since then I have also gotten hands-on training for tighter curl patterns. This has allowed me to become the multi-cultured stylist I have always dreamed about when I started beauty school and I am excited to kick off the new year running. My next goal is to help share this knowledge with the world to encourage scientific knowledge of curly and kinky hair types.

What can you expect from Pursuit of Curls this year in 2022?

More classes! I want to encourage consumers and hairstylists to take one class on the foundations of curly hair, whether it be with me or another specialist that you trust. It is also helpful to find multiple educators to get information from because the beauty industry is always changing. I have lived through that struggle of trying out all kinds of treatments for my hair from university youtube, and each one has left me on the short end of the stick. I just want to provide a solid education for my local people and give them the tools that have helped shaped me into the curl artist I am today. You can expect technique classes and more for consumers and professionals, and I am hoping that we can get local models who can be live demonstrations for these classes.

If you are interested in becoming a model for one of our classes, please email me at and we will put you on the waiting list for modeling for classes. Please note that if we need you for a cutting or color demonstration, a model product fee may be required. As always, we hope to see you on your journey!

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